Civil Division

sheriff badge



Office Location:


Dawson County

Law Enforcement Center

440 Colorado Boulevard

Glendive, MT  59330


Phone: (406) 377-5291

Emergency Phone: 911

Civil Division

      Civil laws deal with disputes between individuals.  Civil process includes paperwork by which a court gains jurisdiction over a person(s) in non-criminal matters.

      The Dawson County Civil Division processes and serves a variety of civil process for federal, state, and local courts, as well as, Worker’s Compensation, Child Support Enforcement, and Montana Department of Labor and Industry.   The Civil Division also conducts Sheriff’s sales, tax collection and tax property sales.

       The types of legal documents served include, but are not limited to, summons and complaints, writs of execution, orders to show cause, eviction notices, small claims complaints and subpoenas.

       All fees must be prepaid.
Summons and Complaint or Petition:  $50.00 for each person or business and per each location.
Subpoena:  $25.00 for each person.
Small Claims:  $50.00
Court Order, Notice, Rule, Letter:  $50.00
Posting Notices:  $25.00
Defendant Not Found Return:  $25.00 for each person or party not found
For Returning a Document at the Request of the Plaintiff or Plaintiff’s Attorney after Processing Without Service:         $15.00
Agister’s Lien:  $100.00 for accepting claim for Sheriff’s Sale process
Writ of Execution and Attachment:  $60.00
Writ of Assistance:  $40.00 for service of each person by service or posting; plus $15.00 per hour per Deputy, if Deputies' time is required as standby for eviction in excess of one hour.
Sheriff’s Sale:  $200.00
Cancellation or Postponement of Sheriff’s Sale:  $40.00
Certificate of Sale:  Price included in Sheriff’s Sale Cost
Sheriff’s Deed:  $40.00 if prepared by Sheriff’s Office, $20.00 if acceptable deed is prepared by law firm.
 Mileage in addition to all services - charged round trip, per trip, and the rate is set in accordance with State of Montana travel rates.