General Public

The main goal of a national food safety program is the reduction
and prevention of foodborne illness. To that end, FDA provides
several pathways, one of which is the Standardization of retail
food inspection personnel. This process provides regulatory
personnel the opportunity to subject their knowledge and skills
related to the Code's provisions to a uniform system of measurement.

2017 Retail Food Inspections

                                               DAWSON COUNTY

Albertsons                                          Allied Meats                                American Legion Club

Anna & Ole's Viking Vending             Beer Belly BBQ                           Beer Jug
Berg Tire                                            Betsey's Badland Catering          Big Sky Hardware
Black Bridge Fitness Center              Boys & Girls Club                        Bucs Brew
Cafe GMC                                          CC's Family Cafe                        Cottonwood Country Club
Crazy Woman Espresso                    Cross Country Brewing               Cross Road Conoco
Dawson County Det. Facility              Dawson County High School      Dawson County Senior Ctr
Dinner Bell Diner                                Dip N Twist                                  Doc & Eddy's          
East End Conoco                               Eastern MT Veterans Home        Farm to Table
Farmer's Kitchen                                Feed Shack                                 Frito Lay  
Frosty's In & Out                                Glendive Chamber Fish Roe       Glendive Coca-Cola
Glendive Food Dev. Center               Greg's Silver Dollar Casino          Gust Hauf  
Head Start                                          J & J Chinese Cafe                      J & L Cafe
Jefferson School                                
Jolly Roger Galley                        Kmart of Glendive    
Knights of Columbus
                          Lincoln School                             Li's Chinese Restaurant 
Loaf N Jug
                                          Lucky Lil's Casino                        Maddhatters Pub
Magic Diamond Casino
                      Mexico Lindo                               Montana Sno                             
Monte Carlo Pizza                             
Moose Club                                  MT Lil's Casino & Liquor
Oasis Bar
                                            Penny's Diner                               Pig Out 
Pizza Hut
                                            Press Coffee House                     Retreat 
Reynolds Market
                                Richey Public Schools                  Rolling Thunder
Saffron Catering Company
                Southside Tavern                          Stockman Bar
                                              Superior Water Treatment             Sweet Creations
 T & E Whistle Stop                           
Tailgators                                      Ten Pin Lounge
Trailstar C Store
                                 Trinity Bakery                                Triple T Specialty Meats
Vet's Club
                                           VFW Club                                      Wagon Wheel
Washington Middle School                
Watch East                                    West Park Cenex
Western Trails Food
                           Westgate Cenex                            WK Concessions 
Yellowstone River Inn

                                               WIBAUX COUNTY

Amslers                                               Beaver Creek Brewery                Beaver Creek Gem Theatre
County Market                                     Firelight Bar                                Palace Cafe                          
Rainbow Club                                      Shamrock Club                           Tastee Hut
Wibaux Coop                                       Wibaux High School